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Boutique Hotel

Our large Suites, many arranged on two levels, overlooking the sea, silent and with large French windows that give brightness to the rooms; a recognizable design that brings back memories of the past, the history of the palace and its “noble floor” experienced by the Lanza di Trabia princes during their summer holidays.

A design that offers a different luxury, a reminder of simple life with the comfort that only the hotel industry can offer.


Golfo di Policastro

The Gulf of Policastro Suite is a small place of peace, embellished with an iron fireplace that offers light and the scents of lavender and rosemary. The decorative elements express the living experience of the country houses of the past, respecting the local rural style and the precious particularities of the territory. Full-height living room and sleeping area protected from noise and prying eyes, leaving room for timeless dreams and loves.


Isola di Dino

The Isola di Dino Suite is inspired by the rustic style of typical Calabrian houses, a synthesis of simplicity and purity of the Mediterranean area. The loving attention to detail, from the sprigs of myrtle and wild heather, to the spices hanging on the walls, to the wrought iron baskets, recreates the welcoming warmth of a country house where the sobriety of the decorative elements relaxes the heart and thoughts move away from everyday routine.


Torre Crawford

The Crawford Tower Suite is home to beauty and refinement, the Crafword Suite is evocative of the writer Crowford’s tower residence. The ancient 18th century fireplace, scratched by the signs of time, dominates the environment and makes it suggestive; the scents of wood, lavender and broom and the feeling of peace predominate. The majesty of the height of the living room contrasts with the privacy of the sleeping area caressed by the play of natural light coming from the large window overlooking the sea.


Riviera dei Cedri

The Riviera dei Cedri Suite reinvents the memories of Calabrian rural houses and contemporary comfort, to accommodate the carefree holidays of couples or the joy of family groups. Its simple style places emphasis on attention to detail, the scents of local flowers contrast with the scent of local citrus fruits and cedars which create a welcoming and convivial atmosphere. Spacious and majestic in its height, it proves tender in the morning waking hours and romantic towards sunset over the Gulf of Policastro.


Arco Magno

The Arco Magno Suite is a small treasure chest of peace, embellished on one side by the view of the Palazzo’s olive grove which smells of bougainvillea, lavender and rosemary and on the other by the view of the sea and the red-orange sunset. The environment expresses the living experience of Calabrian rural houses immersed in olive groves, respecting the local country style, in the simplicity of the decorations and in the precious particularities of the territory.

Palazzo Principi Lanza
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